How It Works

We know marketing.

Never have farmers faced the crop marketing challenges that they face today. In recent years, trade wars, global pandemics and the influx of billions of dollars into commodity speculative funds make crop marketing a full time job. This presents a dilemma to farmers. How do they focus on both productions and marketing? Having adequate time for both has become increasingly difficult. This is we can help.

Hiring a crop marketing consultant entails turning over the farm’s marketing decisions to an experienced marketer who will tell the farmer when to sell the crop and what percentage to sell. The marketer also formulates risk management strategies with options. The new trend in crop marketing is to help manage all phases of marketing including crop sales, marketing, risk management and crop insurance. Today an integerated comprehensive approach is needed.

We know how to keep our focus.

Specialization – Each individual crop’s marketing decisions are coordinated by a consultant known for their background and experience in that particular crop. Their track record shows a history of selling in the upper part of the price range for the year.

Accountability – Each individual crop marketing specialist is held to a higher standard. Americrop has performance targets that it expects its specialist to meet or exceed each year.

We know how to earn our keep.

We charge a $3 per acre annual fee which, in many cases, is an increase of only 1/2 % per acre in total cost production.  Our fee is a small price to pay to maximize profits for your business.

Our goal is to keep you in the upper 30% of the price range for the year. Other marketing consultants don’t aim so high. But we do. And we deliver. Year after year.

Americrop services begin when we receive your signed, dated agreement and consulting fee.