About Us

We know farming from the ground up.

Our founder and president Pat McClachy is a farm boy who understands agri-business literally from the ground up. He grew up on a farm in the Mississippi Delta and went on to earn an Ag Economics degree at Mississippi State University. Over his 40+ years in the business, he has become known nationally as a crop marketing educator and consultant. As he continued to refine his goal of offering innovative strategies and timing for optimum marketing results, the idea for Americrop was birthed. This alliance with top experts has dramatically increased revenues for farmers all over the country.

Our bunch of know-it-alls can increase your profitability.

Most national crop marketing consultants have one person following all of their various crops. That’s one person trying to keep up with six or seven very diverse and unique markets. Americorp is different. We have one dedicated consultant following each of our six crops. One know-it-all for cotton, one for rice or soybeans or wheat and cattle. Our advisors are nationally recognized and experienced professionals who have worked for the largest players in the business that spend all day, every day studying one crop. They know more about it than almost anyone in the industry.

They are the highest-level experts you wouldn’t normally have access to. Only Americrop brings you their skill and expertise to help you sell the right percentage at the most profitable time.

Call our president Pat McClatchy now and let him explain how we can improve your profitability. His direct number is 901-409-2909 or click here to request a call.

Listen to Pat tell the story of Americrop